PV-Solar Systems

PV-Solar Power Systems are among the most efficient in the world, offering big energy savings to home owners who switch to PV solar panels for alternative energy source.  Our technician are certified Solar Installers and all workmanship are guaranteed.

What is Solar Power PV system?
Solar Power PV System are alternative energy source derived from roof mounted solar panels made up of many photovoltaic (PV) cells. These cells collect the sun’s light and convert the energy into DC current which is fed through an inverter and converted to 240V AC electricity to power your home. The amount of electricity you can produce depends on the number and efficiency of the panels, the size of the inverter and the amount of sunlight in your location. Your home remains connected to the power grid so when you generate more electricity than you need you can feed it into the grid or purchase more from the grid when you are not producing enough to meet your requirements.

Services we provide includes PV solar panels, inverter installation, commissioning and design of Solar Power PV Systems for residential and commercial projects.

Post installation services include maintenance, troubleshooting, additions, repair and upgrade of existing and/or faulty systems. 

Buying a new system or planning an upgrade? Give us a call! Our team is fully accredited. We come to you for an on site assessment to determine the best possible install to maximize your efficiency. From there we provide a full install design and send our experienced team to install your system

Solar Power PV Installation

Solar Inverter 

Solar System Maintenance 

PV Solar Power System Design